Establishment Genie enables the delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan. As a NICE endorsed workforce planning, analysis and benchmarking tool, the Genie gives providers, commissioners, inspectors, clinical and corporate colleagues the facility to work together across professional and organisational boundaries, to design, assure, and deliver a workforce that is fit for today and for the future.

  • Plan care levels and new roles for workforce reconfiguration across multiple teams.
  • Evaluate new shift models to reorganise, save or invest.
  • Model a different mix of staff and impact of new roles, e.g. Band 4 Nursing Associates.
  • Understand variation
  • Challenge peaks and troughs in cover – improve safety, release capacity and save money.
  • Benchmark and triangulate patient care levels, with staff-sensitive outcome measures overlaid for correlation.
  • Establishment Genie has identified £28 million in ‘safe’ cost savings for NHS organisations to date

I had always viewed establishment review as a ‘tick-box’ exercise, with little opportunity to make changes that would really impact on care levels and quality. However, the process we have undertaken really helped to bring evidence to my professional judgement, and as a result we have increased staffing numbers at night on my ward, improved our patient and staff outcomes and reduced our costs –with the support of both clinical and non-clinical staff.

MatronAcute NHS Foundation Trust

Establishment Genie was indispensable in planning and budgeting for our multi-site bed reconfiguration. We used the Genie to show how we can safely save over £1m as we redesign our medical and surgical workforce whilst adding supporting roles to improve flow, increasing Band 7 supervisory time and integrating the Band 4 role.

Assistant Director of NursingAcute NHS Foundation Trust

We have found the Establishment Genie work incredibly valuable, and now have a basis from which we can work towards developing the team and finding a better way forward.

District Nursing Team LeaderNHS Community Trust

We used Establishment Genie to evaluate how to safely and effectively use our Band 4 workforce, quantify what this meant for skillmix and ratios, and inform the balance between Registered Nurse and Band 4 care.

Director of NursingNHS Foundation Trust

Without Establishment Genie we would not have had the successful integration we did. The team were always flexible in their working and willing to go above and beyond. They have continued to support us in our work with staffing models and establishments providing a transformational program of work across nursing in the organisation.

Director of NursingNHS Foundation Trust

The systematic and engaging approach supported the work of the All Wales District Nursing Workforce and Workload Group, but also identified service improvement and performance management issues. I would class the work as evolutionary, revolutionary and exemplary.

Divisional NurseNHS Wales

The Establishment Genie team delivered a comprehensive strategy document that set out a clear vision for the future along with detailed plans for implementation and re-drawn patient pathways. To achieve this, they worked with teams on the ground to forge the vision for new ways of working. There were a number of difficult discussions with teams that were not open to change. The Genie team won hearts and minds and collaboratively created a plan that was signed off by the nursing team, the CCG, GP’s and approved for implementation by the Executive Business and Strategy Group in Autumn 2018. It is currently being delivered to time with tangible, measurable results. Thank you

Senior Programme ManagerNHS Foundation Trust