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Each care home provides data on staffing, management and supervisory and other contextual information during a in a 60-minute process, which is entered directly into Establishment Genie. This can be done independently, through a group training session; or remotely; or via interview at the home.

Establishment Genie generates an instant detailed report on care levels and resource requirements and has the opportunity to look at remodelling their workforce for improved care, costs or alternative models of care.

Data from each care home is immediately included in the peer variation report and shared with the home for easy, instant benchmarking, and overlaid by staff sensitive outcome measures to identify good practice, share ideas and improve quality.

The knowledge and relationships that have been developed through the ‘Genie process’ has enabled and supported innovations in role development and new models of care, allowed experimentation and review of alternative ways of working across organisational boundaries, and has promoted the sharing of best practice across a sector that often does not share data for fear of compromise of competitive advantage.

Lead for Enhanced Care


Achieve health and wellbeing with the public, patients and professionals as equal partners through co-production.

The purpose of Establishment Genie is to capture staffing ratio’s, metrics and outcome data in a standardised way and bring all stakeholders – citizens, providers, commissioners, inspectors – together using the same language and analytics to understand variation, and agree what good looks and feels like. The initial baseline data capture identifies and helps to explain variation, and there is functionality for ‘options appraisal’ and collaborative design and agreement on alternative models of care. Benefits realisation is measured through the capture of agreed outcomes, and comparison across multiple organisations to support the identification and spread of good practice.

Care for those with the greatest health need first, making the most effective use of all skills and resources.

Establishment Genie facilitates moving care closer to home safely.

The tool works across organisational boundaries supporting workforce planning based on levels of care, creating a deployment model based on projected need with the most appropriately skilled staff assigned to each level of care. The Genie can capture the current and future training needs for any staffing group and translates this into required ‘uplift’ or ‘headroom’. This supports good transitions of care as the provision of an appropriate care level and competence can be demonstrated, but can also accommodate for future planning based on trends and demographics in any location.

Do only what is needed, no more, no less; and do no harm.

Establishment Genie has demonstrated significant variation in care home staffing metrics and ratios and staff sensitive outcome measures. It is evident that one size does not fit all, and that residential care cannot be measured in the same way as acute care. Through gathering data in a standardised way, Establishment Genie demonstrates the different models of care and multiple versions of good, which in turn allows resources to be deployed in line with need as opposed to outmoded historical models of care that do not fit with the increasing acuity and dependency of residents, or the changing skills, competencies, roles and responsibilities that integrated care brings.

Reduce inappropriate variation using evidence-based practices consistently and transparently

There is currently no information available in the Care Home sector at the level of detail necessary for good data driven decision making. There is disparity in data sources and collection methodology, and much is left to subjective review as to the quality of services.

Establishment Genie provides easily accessible detailed analysis and benchmarking capability, which can be used as the basis for reviewing policy and standardising decision making across Health and Social Care, providing parity and transparency in funding methodology and decision making. The capture of staff sensitive outcome measures support both providers, commissioners and service users in making the best decisions with regard to care and quality, and assist in the co-production of standards that ensure good care and value for money across the sector.

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