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Establishment Genie is an online, health and social care workforce planning and review system. Endorsed by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), and accessible from any connected pc or tablet device; this simple to use tool has been adopted by frontline staff and organisational leaders to understand their current workforce and plan for a changing future.

Establishment Genie works at unit level, collecting staffing, management and contextual data at the front line. Data entry takes 60-minutes as self-service, through a group training session; webinar, remotely; or via interview with the team lead.

Establishment Genie generates an instant detailed report on care levels and resource requirements. The data can be benchmarked within and across organisations, and then the workforce plan remodelled for improved care, quality, costs or alternative models of care.

Establishment Genie uses the proven ‘Review, Remodel, Report’ process to guide the user to enter data for current or alternative ways of working, making the crucial difference in delivering a successful workforce plan.

We can’t say enough about the helpfulness of Establishment Genie tool in helping us assess & be confident in our staffing and rationale for our service model.

Quality Assurance and Improvment Nurse


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