What we do

Establishment Genie is a data-based decision-making tool, providing a consistent approach to workforce analysis, benchmarking and planning for the care home sector.

We support health and social care commissioners, residents and their families, providers, inspectors and their corporate and clinical colleagues to collaborate and collectively agree appropriate staffing levels and models of care that transcend organisational and professional boundaries.

Establishment Genie provides evidence and solutions in the following key areas:

  • Workforce planning and deployment
  • Quality monitoring, assurance and improvement
  • Evaluate and Improve governance
  • Identify, manage and understand variation
  • Money saving methods
  • Care planning to meet statutory guidance and ‘KLOE’
  • Employee engagement and retention strategies

How We Do It

During a 60-minute process, data is collected from the care home on staffing, management, supervisory and other contextual information. This information is then entered into the Establishment Genie. The assessment can be done independently, through a group training session; or remotely; or via interview at the home.

Establishment Genie generates an instant detailed report on care levels and resource requirements. It gives you the opportunity to look at remodelling your workforce to improve quality of support, manage costs more effectively and/or to offer alternative models of care.

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“ The knowledge and relationships that have been developed through the 'Genie process' has enabled and supported innovations in role development and new models of care, allowed experimentation and review of alternative ways of working across organisational boundaries, and has promoted the sharing of best practice across a sector that often does not share data for fear of compromise of competitive advantage. ”

Lead for Enhanced Care CCG

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