What we do

Establishment Genie provides a consistent approach to workforce analysis, benchmarking and planning that transcends organisational and professional boundaries. We bring providers, commissioners, inspectors, and their clinical and corporate leaders together to collaboratively plan for an appropriately skilled workforce that can provide integrated, person-centred care in the most appropriate setting.

We enable workforce planning at the front line; identifying variation and good practice; providing governance and assurance; evidencing professional judgement; providing options appraisal for alternative models of care, and the mechanism to track the successful implementation of workforce plans.

Establishment Genie provides the information to support informed decision making and the generation of a workforce strategy that meets the needs of today and in the future.

In the context of historical overspends, the Genie proved we could transform our establishments and invest in a sustainable workforce within the current budget envelope and kick-start a three-year saving plan. We demonstrated a robust process, defended our care levels and gained buy-in from Execs, NEDs and corporate colleagues.

Director of NursingNHS Foundation Trust

As the incoming Chief Nurse, I used the Genie to take stock of planned ratios, skill mix and CHPPD across acute and community sites, triangulate with SNCT, assess risk and prioritise where to focus first – in three days.

Director of NursingNHS Foundation Trust

The Genie workshop was inspirational and has made me want to stay beyond retirement. It really gave us all a sense of leading the District Nursing Principles from the ground floor up and the exciting times that could be ahead of us.

District Nursing Team LeaderNHS Wales