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The Establishment Genie workforce planning tool helps inpatient and community hospice leaders plan for safe, affordable staffing.

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We can’t say enough about the helpfulness of Establishment Genie tool in helping us assess & be confident in our staffing and rationale for our service model.

Review, Compare, Remodel & Report your establishments

Establishment Genie sits at the beginning of the staffing process – before rostering – to get your planned care levels, WTE requirement and cover for leave right at the outset.

Our NICE-endorsed online workforce planning tool supportse professional judgement and collaborative decision-making learn more here.

Clinical and corporate colleagues are guided through a 4-step process of Review-Compare-Remodel-Report to take stock of current staffing, benchmark with peers, and plan for safe, affordable, outcome-driven staffing:

Review inpatient and/or community skillmix, care time per patient, staffing ratios, supervisory & management time, specialist & supporting roles, cover for leave and WTE – from capacity and demand perspectives.

Compare your staffing with up to 45 other hospices (June 2019) on 300+ metrics. Understand variation and explore correlations between staffing levels and outcomes.

Remodel to achieve your safe staffing and budgetary objectives. Develop models to accommodate ranges in activity and dependency. Explore multiple scenarios and build options appraisals for change.

Report with ease and impact to trustees, funders and inspectors. Quantify current and proposed resourcing needs and assure your staffing.

Join 1 in 5 UK hospices and see how our NICE-endorsed Establishment Genie workforce planning tool can help your whole hospice to:

  • Maximise capacity
  • Plan for demand and dependency
  • Remodel for change
  • Set budgets and save money
  • Benchmark with peers
  • Respond to inspection
  • Achieve safe, affordable staffing for adult or children’s inpatient and community services

I will have more than saved what it costs to implement after the first year.

How we work with hospices

We offer access to Establishment Genie through ‘supported self-service subscription’:

  • Hospices typically subscribe for two years for a one-off cost.
  • On-site support days are included to help you achieve your objectives. Remote support is available through our 0800 helpline.
  • We provide full training for your nominated users – as many staff as you wish.
  • Access the online tool via our secure website on your existing computers and tablets.
  • Our supplementary demand tools, delivered through face to face workshops, estimate the WTE required to accommodate ranges in dependency and activity, to inform your capacity modelling.
  • We begin with an introductory on-site diagnostic to help you see if Establishment Genie is right for your organisation and objectives:

The way that you engage with us, as clinicians, is excellent and you ask exactly the right questions in order to gain a real understanding about how our organisations work, the challenges we experience and what the outcome of the work needs to be.

Our Clients

We’re privileged to support these leading hospices on workforce planning:

Can I just say how refreshing it is to speak to someone who really ‘gets’ hospices.


Case studies:

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Grateful thanks for helping us with our workforce planning. An excellent way to evidence decision making.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a rostering system?

No, but Establishment Genie can make rostering easier, by helping you set establishments, shift models and staffing templates that are safe, affordable, properly costed and adequately covered for leave.

Is it just for inpatient units?

No – it also accommodates hospice at home, CNS, community services and day therapy teams, and even AHPs, volunteers and non-clinical teams.

Do we need to buy any equipment?

No. Establishment Genie is online and can be accessed from your existing computers, laptops and tablets via Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari for iPad.

How often would we use it?

It is typically used periodically for planning exercises, preparing for inspections, responding to change and when reconfiguring your services. It is used for specific objectives and is primarily forward-looking.

Is it quick to use?

It takes around 60 minutes to enter a new team and we help you do this during your on-site support days.

To update or remodel an existing team takes as little as 10 minutes.

What ongoing support do you provide?

We have an 0800 helpline and can view your templates and reports centrally to guide you through.

Subscription includes on-site support days that you can use flexibly to support your workforce planning.

I can highly recommend the tool but also the support provided by the company.

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We would welcome the opportunity to tell you more and answer any questions you may have. To discuss your needs and see how we could help your hospice, please contact us:
0800 689 0215

Contact us: 0800 689 0215