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The context of assuring the safe, economical provision of residential care is a challenging one, with growing demand on the sector and increasing complexity and co-morbidity. Choices on care are an incredibly important decision taken by or on behalf of individuals who are often extremely vulnerable.

Establishment Genie provides easily accessible detailed analysis at both individual home and organisation level, with benchmarking capability which can be used by residents and their families, providers, commissioners and inspectors of care as the basis for data driven decision making

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How we do it

Each care home provides data on staffing, management and supervisory and other contextual information during a in a 60-minute process, which is entered directly into Establishment Genie. This can be done independently, through a group training session; or remotely; or via interview at the home.

Establishment Genie generates an instant detailed report on care levels and resource requirements and has the opportunity to look at remodelling their workforce for improved care, costs or alternative models of care.

Data from each care home is immediately included in the peer variation report and shared with the home for easy, instant benchmarking, and overlaid by staff sensitive outcome measures to identify good practice, share ideas and improve quality.

What we do

We support health and social care commissioners, residents and their families, providers, inspectors and their corporate and clinical colleagues to collaborate and collectively agree appropriate staffing levels and models of care that transcend organisational and professional boundaries.


  • Evidence the planning and deployment of appropriate staffing
  • Demonstrate quality assurance and continuous improvement process
  • Improve governance
  • Identify and understand variation
  • Meet statutory guidance and ‘Key Lines of Enquiry’
  • Attract and retain staff
  • Save time and money

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Establishment Genie has identified £28 million in ‘safe’ cost savings for health and care organisations to date. By sharing the most innovative strategies, insights, expertise, and knowledge we improve quality and outcomes across the health and social care economy

The variation observed has raised questions around consistency in resident care and value for money for CHC payments – and whether this has consequences for patient experience, wellness, risk and emergency /acute admission rates. This level of detail and insight has been invaluable in our conversations across all the commissioning bodies

Divisional NurseHealth Board, Wales

The knowledge and relationships that have been developed through the 'Genie process' has enabled and supported innovations in role development and new models of care, allowed experimentation and review of alternative ways of working across organisational boundaries, and has promoted the sharing of best practice across a sector that often does not share data for fear of compromise of competitive advantage

Lead for Enhanced CareCCG

The detail in the reports provided by Establishment Genie have been easy to understand, identified themes, highlighted good practice, confirmed utilisation of resources both in terms of staffing and facilities and have been innovative and highly relevant based on facts

Quality Assurance and Improvement NurseCCG

Brilliant reading. I am taking it home to re-read! This will be invaluable in preparing for the CQC inspection, and I can share the benchmarking with my staff to show that our care levels are higher than most. We never see this level of information. Thank you so much

Care Home Manager and Registered NurseEngland

I used the ‘home report’ and benchmarking to show CIW that my staffing levels were on a par with the other homes in the locality. It really helped us to change the direction and outcomes of the conversation

Care Home Manager

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